Fragile Freight

Fragile Freight

Fragile Freight can be as diverse as fine furniture through to delicate communications equipment and everything in between. An understanding of the freight and how it is best shipped is where we start. From there items are then packaged and wrapped for transport and delivery to site via our caring and experienced crews. We can offer a solution to all your packing, crating and transport needs.

Staff & Vehicles

We take the time to continuously train and update handling methods for all aspects of fragile freight relocation. Our crews are equipped with the knowledge and materials handling supplies to best move your items of concern both across town and between states. All vehicles are fully secured and fitted with hydraulic tailgates for the lifting of heavy, sensitive freight.

Crating & Wrapping

If you have out of the ordinary items that may need that extra layer of protection we can arrange for all forms of custom wrapping and crating to ensure your goods are housed and protected from site to site along with crate unpack and removal at destination.

We offer a full range of standard packing materials for preparation of your freight along with installation services for set up and placement at destination.

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